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Weekly Self-Care Tips

We live in a fast-paced world and often forget to take time out for ourselves. Self-care is essential for our mental and physical well-being. Scheduling me-time allows us to reset and recharge. Self-care doesn't require a day at the spa, although that does sound enjoyable!

Tip 1: Monday Meditation

What does self-care mean to you? This question entails a great deal of reflection. Meditation is a great tool for helping to outline any goals. Set intentions for your week. Meditation also helps define what you're trying to achieve for your mind and body.

Make an effort to sit in silence or with relaxing music for at least ten minutes. Think about your breathing, inhale, and exhale, especially if you have a wondering mind. After meditating, write down any thoughts that come to mind in your journal!

Tip 2: Try Something New Tuesday

New experiences always keep us evolving. This creates new paths in the brain so we can learn new things and this information is gratifying to the brain. It provides us a sense of purpose and helps us feel happy.

Explore a new activity, hobby, or restaurant, don’t be shy to try something new. Stepping out of your comfort zone to discover more about who you are is always nerve wrecking. Getting to know the real you is the essential form of self-care!

Tip 3: Wellness Wednesday

Many of us live desk bound and have poor habits. Especially if you have a desk job, this entails extended periods of sitting down which can lead to bad posture and body irritation.

Our body’s need daily movement. It is imperative to go outdoors, this will do wonders for the mind and body. Take a break, get up, and go outside for at least an hour: go to a park, do some gardening, or take a long walk. Take a break from your phone, unplug, and take time to smell the roses.

Tip 4: Thankful Thursday

Take a moment on Thursday mornings to write down your thoughts in your journal. This will give you a different outlook on things. Write down any concerns you are feeling, dreams you had the previous night, or any goals you would like to achieve. Ask yourself and answer yourself: What are you thankful for? Once your entry is complete, read it over. Think about each thought you have written down and how this makes you feel. That is self-care!

Tip 5: Feel Good Friday

Celebrate yourself by always finding time for the things that bring joy to your soul.

This can be from completing creative tasks, painting, or home projects. This might be out of the norm if not part of your daily routines, wakes up new areas of the brain, and reduces the fear of failure. You would be amazed if you put your creative ideas to work and surprised of the outcome.

Tip 6: See Someone Saturday

Self-care isn't always about enjoying time alone. We have friends, family, partners in our lives who bring us comfort and happiness. Our hectic schedules can make it difficult to spend time with our loved ones. All week you make time yourself. Why not use Saturday to reconnect with someone you haven't spoke to in a bit and who inspires you? Call an old friend you have been thinking about or a relative across the country. Coffee dates with a former co-worker are always fun! It is important to keep these bonds with the people who love you and a way to show yourself love.

Tip 7: CBD Sunday

Sunday is a day to refuel your soul. Take some extra CBD servings on this day. CBD oil contains compounds known as phytocannabinoids.

Phytocannabinoids interact with receptors in our minds and bodies that causes us to feel overwhelmed. By taking CBD oil this calms these receptors, supporting a healthy body and mind.

Change your usual CBD routine, pamper yourself by taking a bath with CBD bath bombs, or check out your favorite TV show while sipping CBD beverages. CBD will help you maintain a normal emotional balance and a sense of relaxation into your self-care routine.

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