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Hello, my name is Diana!

It was a long journey for me to finally make the decision to try CBD. I was not comfortable trying any CBD products because I was not educated and wondered about the effects on my body.

Well... They say knowledge is power, so I began researching and educating myself on the benefits of CBD.

I had been struggling with high levels of stress, trouble sleeping, and other issues for quite some time. The bottom line is I was frustrated, tired from a lack of sleep, and experiencing a good deal of discomfort.

After numerous recommendations to try CBD from a friend (you know the type). I purchased a number of different products to find out which ones would be a good fit for me.

Right away I noticed results. I was able to sleep more hours than usual and started waking up energized for the day. My stress levels decreased, and I experienced less overall discomfort.

I knew other people around the world might struggle with these types of issues as well.

I asked myself - How can I help others struggling with this? This is how Simple Pleasures by Diana Cortez came into existence. I wanted to share my experience with the world. You don't have to settle for living in discomfort every day.

Our mission is to enhance people's lived experiences by encouraging living a healthy and active lifestyle. We believe in the power of these products and want to educate and bring awareness to all that there is a natural alternative beyond pharmaceuticals.
We thank you for joining our mission. 



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