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Tips to Build Strong Connections

Most people believe that love, intimacy, social connection, and well-being are more important than things like fame and wealth when it comes to their happiness. Happiness is having support from our friends and family is important for our happiness and health and is also instrumental to our ability to share information. Our intuition is right because loneliness represents one of the most significant threats to our mental health and well-being. Loneliness can impact our health just as much as a lack of exercise, obesity, or smoking.

What does it mean to be “socially connected”?

Here are a couple tips for quality social connections:

  • Focus on quality over quantity

  • Prioritize face to face connections

  • Share

  • Listen

  • Ask questions

  • See past differences

  • Do not worry about rejection

The goal is not to simply meet more people and increase the number of connections we have. Our goal is to find people that make us feel good about ourselves, motivate you, have similar interests, inspire us, and support.

Build Connections

Be Your Authentic Self The most important thing is to be your authentic self. As mentioned, strong connections are built on transparency, shared values, and interests. You should not and cannot pretend to be someone or something you are not. 

To create authenticity and represent your truest self, which helps attract people on the same level as you, first look within yourself to identify your core values and beliefs.

If you are struggling to define your core values and beliefs; Reflect on past situations. Did it make you feel uncomfortable? What happened? However, what you do not like will clarify your values and beliefs.

Be intentional about who you would like to connect with.


Developing and strengthening the personal connections we have with friends or co-workers. Is there a friend you would like to spend more time with? Is there a co-worker that seems nice who you would like to get to know better? Building connections with people you already know personally can be an easier way to start feeling socially connected.


For those who are close to their families or want to build a stronger connection, it can be worth trying to talk more often. Even if you live far away, you can schedule a phone call with a parent or sibling. Or plan a future vacation together to build a great experience and memories together.


Do not hesitate to talk to someone in line at the grocery store, chat with the barista at the coffee shop, or even ask for directions. Be friendly! Small interactions with strangers can be great for our well-being.


Make an effort to get to know your neighbors, join a group to engage in a hobby you enjoy, go to local events to meet new people, or volunteer.

Create Stronger Healthy Relationships

It is important that we actually feel connected to the people we spend time with. That is by the way we interact with people will have a direct effect on how connected we feel to them. Read below a couple of important interpersonal communications:

Active Listening

This involves being truly present when another person is talking. Nodding, reinforcing what they say, paying attention, and focusing on them are key actions.

Cultivate Empathy

Empathy involves mentally and emotionally trying to put yourself in the other person's shoes. See if you can understand what their situation would be like from their perspective.

Be Honest

Warm, trusting relationships are built on honesty. Always be honest and share your true self with those with whom you want to build connections.

Use Emotion

Managing your emotions is key to being able to work through difficulties with those you care about.

Pay Attention to Nonverbal Cues

People say a lot with their body language. Try to pay attention to what other people are telling you with their nonverbal cues.

Share Your Stories

Self-disclosing personal information -a little at a time- can help others feel closer to us.

Try Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving-kindness meditation is a type of meditation where we imagine sending love to others.


Patient Is A Virtue

Like all good things, building strong connections will take time. Do not expect it to happen immediately. However, keep showing up authentically and you will soon have created caring, lifelong friendships founded on mutual understanding and trust. 

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