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The Difference Between Medicalcare to WellCare

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

When you think about healthcare, what comes to mind? Hospitals? Urgent Care? Operation? Pharmacies? Wellness Checks?

While these modern healthcare methods and tools are continouslyy changing how and life expectancy, they tend to focus only on medicalcare and leave out the other major factor of healthcare: wellcare.

Here is the difference between medicalcare and wellcare and how you can use them both to support your healthy and vibrant life.

Medicalcare vs. WellCare: What’s the Difference

In the world of healthcare, there are two different spaces: medicalcare and wellcare. We need both to flourish as a healthy society. The concern is we tend to focus only on fighting an illness and neglect promoting wellness, to.

What Is Medicalcare?

Mainly, the healthcare we experience is really medicalcare, or symptom management. We go to medicalcare in emergencies or when we have symptoms that will not go away. When we visit the physician, we usually get a plan that helps treat are symptoms, rather than diving into the cause of our issues. Medicalcare sees the body as a machine with parts that need fixing, and they use tools like surgery or prescriptions to fight an illness and abnormality.

What Is WellCare?

Wellcare sees the body as more than a machine and balance and harmony between all the parts is essential to create one - perfectly oiled machine.

While medicalcare manages symptoms, wellcare is focused on the causes of those symptoms and how to prevent them. The major concept of wellcare is simply that the body will heal itself when given the right support. Like medicalcare, it is used only when there is an issue, wellcare is used even when healthy to maintain balance and promote well-being.

Shift into Wellness: How to Bring WellCare into Daily Life

Of course, there are circumstances that medicalcare is helpful and necessary, prevention is the best medicine. If you want a medicinal, preventative wellcare also helps build resilience and encourages optimal physical and mental health. To follow through with wellcare, stay up to date with your regular wellness checks and preventative screenings. Then, integrate these tips to bring the power of wellcare into your daily life:

Establish a strong foundation of healthy habits

Eat healthy, exercise often, drink plenty of water, and get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. You have heard all this before. Even though this advice sounds tiring, it is all accurate! These habits are the foundation of a healthy and long life. If you have difficult staying on track with these healthy habits, consider working with a wellcare professional, such as a nutritionist, personal trainer and find a plan that fits your needs.

Prioritize tension management

Tension is one of the common culprits of preventable chronic illness. We are well aware that tension is one of the major factors for health issues. We tend to brush it of “it is what it is” and choose unhealthy options like alcohol or binging on junk food.

By practicing regular tension relief wellcare practices like meditation, massage, yoga class, you can significantly drop your tension levels and protect yourself against any chronic illness.

Use supplements for simple daily support

Sometimes we wait until there is actually a problem before making a change or seekingmedicalcare. With wellcare, we need to take action now so we can stay well later. Taking a daily supplement like CBD is one of the simplest ways to incorporate wellcare into your schedule, no matter how busy your schedules are. You need to decide which health benefits you want to acomplish.

Learn more about the benefits of CBD for everyday wellness and shop our collection of Organic and Broad-Spectrum CBD products to get started.

Embrace Wellcare for Optimal Health & Wellbeing

Wellness is more than the absence of illness. While medicalcare extends your life in emergencies, wellcare improves the quality of a healthy and active life. Modern medicine benefits all, however spending time and energy on wellcare can lead to a future with less interference and more wellness.

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