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Why People Hate Exercise (and How To Enjoy It)

There are some people that could not live without the energy and satisfaction they get from a daily daily spin class, yoga class, or gym session. Others think it is time consuming and you sweat!

Exercise can improve our health and help us get stronger and faster, why do some people hate it?

It is understandable if you fall into a category of people who rather do anything than run a 5K, there is good news: it is okay to like exercise and you can learn to like exercising. As you continue to read you will learn why people hate to exercise and maybe you will begin to hate exercise less.

Science Explains: Why People Hate Exercise

The response to this question is much more complex than an amount of measure of self-discipline or laziness. In fact, whether we enjoy or dislike exercise it comes down to our mindset and biology.

Genetics at Play

The love or hate for exercise could be written in your DNA. In one study, researchers examined how a set of identical twins they approached and experienced moderate exercise.

They were asked to do a cycling activity, participants almost always gave a similar response as their twin. Sets of twins that used positive words to describe their exercise were more active in their daily lives than sets of twins who used negative feedback to describe their experience.

Researchers determined that our genes may play a small part in whether or not we might like exercise.

All or Nothing Mindset

Do you push yourself to your limit every time you exercise? If so, sometimes that all in type of thinking can affect your efforts to enjoy exercise. Studies show that those who follow a consistent light-to-moderate exercise routines have better outcomes and can keep up with regular exercise routines than those who push themselves with dynamic training.

Underlying Health Issues

When you are under the weather, exercise can be less fun and frustrating. These are sometimes the exact moments when we need to exercise to restore our energy and balance. If you are not feeling bad after a workout, take it easy on your intensity or change your exercise routine to accommodate pain or injuries.

3 Tips-Learn to Love Exercise

Hate exercise? Not for long.

Science explains why we may avoid exercise, that is only part of the story. It also says that - we can train our brains and bodies to tolerate and enjoy exercise. Try these three tips to view your outlook on exercise and fall in love with your new active life.

Mix it up

Exercise can be boring at times. By scheduling different workout routines, you can entertain your brain while working different muscle groups.

Do something you enjoy

  • If you like to walk, walk

  • If you like to run, run

  • If you like to bike, bike

  • If you like dance, dance

  • If you enjoy taking it slow, try slow flow yoga

Hopefully you get the point: Do what you like to do. That is what you will stick with.

Get rid of numbers of expectations

  • Do not worry about how much time you spend exercising. You have 10 minutes, spend 10 minutes doing something. Have a little more time, then go for it.

  • Run or walk a mile, or 10. Just move. In fact, leave the watch at home and do not worry about how far you go. Just listen to your body and enjoy being out.

Get a workout buddy

  • Join a running or walking club

  • Invite a friend to join you for a weekly walk

Join a challenge

  • Sometimes we just need a little motivation to get going. It is fun to challenge yourselves a little

Tread lightly

Mentally drained makes you feel physically exhausted. If you are tired, tense, or overworked, start off with a light exercise instead of going into a vigorous routine. This will make you feel energized and happy you took the time for self-care. You may even find yourself wanting a more intense workout tomorrow!

Think about the bigger picture

Enjoying exercise can always be a challenge if your thinking for exercising is to “lose weight.” By shifting your focus, it can make all the difference. However, losing a few pounds, what is really motivating you? Be able to do an activity without pain or short of breath? A long and healthy life? These goals are great motivators when you need that extra push to put on your sneakers and head to the gym.

Can CBD help you not hate exercise and maybe even enjoy it and look forward to it?

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your overall health, and it is important for your mental health as well. It could be easy to hate exercise, but you can learn to enjoy it. There is nothing better than a daily dose of fresh air and movement!

If you are not an exercise lover yet, CBD can help get you there:

  • Try CBD Salve to support muscle recovery and flexibility

  • Try Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels to support joints and relieve post-workout discomfort

  • Try CBD Mint Oil Tincture at the end of the day relax and make the most of tomorrow’s workout

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