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What Is Burnout? How To Spot It & Take Action

Burnout can have a negative impact in our careers, relationships, physical, and mental well-being. With everyday tensions like work, family, and relationships adding up not to mention the pandemic burnout may seem expected. However, it can be avoidable. Here are some tips on taking action to handle burnout naturally.

What Is Burnout

Burnout is a serious and prevalent experience that many of us understand but have a hard time describing because it is different for everyone. However, burnout is that overwhelming feeling of "I don't know how much longer I can do this."

There is three primary types of burnouts:

  • Overload - unmanageable workload, unrealistic deadlines, and unrealistic time pressure.

  • Under challenge - have no control over their environment, tasks, or time.

  • Neglect - without regular contact with peers, employees may feel like they are alone. Feel their managers do not support them or treat them unfairly.

Anybody can feel these mixed emotions. However, research suggests that men usually experience under challenge burnout in the workplace. Men with burnout typically perform their jobs satisfactory while thinking about working elsewhere.

Women tend to experience neglect burnout. They tend to run themselves into the ground. This behavior can cause workplace mistakes, tension in friendships, or physiological pressure.

What Causes Burnout

Indeed, studies show that worker burnout is at 52%.

However, work is just one of the causes of burnout. You get burnt out when you feel like you are putting more into your work than you are getting out of it. Sometimes this happens when a job is not rewarding, but more often than not it is because you are not taking care of yourself. That includes socializing, managing school meetings, coaching a soccer league, running a table at a farmer's market, and more.

Burnout is not depression, even if the indications can be mistaken for one another. People who suffer with depression will often have trouble getting out of bed or a loss of pleasure or interest in activities. People who experience burnout will still get up. It can be a struggle and can lead to decreased performance.

How to Defeat Burnout

Before you can treat and even prevent burnout, you need to recognize the warning signs so that you will know when it is time to take action. Burnout is prompted by physiological tension. Tension is caused by things in our lives that trigger’s us.

The body identifies the things that trigger’s us, including bad relationships, toxic work environments, family, poor nutrition, and more.

For our descendants, trigger’s meant running for your life from a wild animal or sheltering from extreme weather. This instinct draws on your awareness, hormones, immunity, and more.

Once the descendants reached safety, they would celebrate with their loved ones. By celebrating, the body conveys that the threat was over, and the tension response cycle was closed. Now, we need to learn how to close that tension response cycle to avoid burnout.

How to Close the Tension Response Cycle

The three stages of the tension response cycle:

  • Beginning - notice the threat

  • Middle - when you handle the threat

  • End - recognize the threat is over

We deal every day with beginning and middle stages. However, we need to take the time to let go the tension response cycle. We are left with these energizing hormones that keep us aware and causes more tension.

Keep in mind, today's tension will probably also be there tomorrow. We must learn to handle burnout by dealing with physiological tension.

You must burn off these hormones at the end of the day. Take a walk outside, take a yoga class, gym, or meditate. It will bring hormonal balance with better sleep. Use Simple Pleasures CBD Softgels to support healthy sleep patterns.

How to Prevent Burnout

At times, tension is triggered by moods. You may feel overworked at your job, not valued by your partner, and physically exhausted from family obligations.

It is ok to work through these moods by asking for help. Talk to your boss and let him or her know that you need the workload to be spread evenly. Tell your partner you need a date night and schedule a time so that you can do something that you will enjoy.

When you remove things off your plate, it will allow you to complete your tension cycle. Once you overcome being overwhelmed, you can help out other’s.

In a work environment, we see other people who are resting, and we refer to them as “slackers.” However, maybe they are experiencing burnout, it is important to change your opinion and societal view of the rest of the people.

Be the change, you want to see in the world, you can inspire others to help each other out. Through these motions, we can change the narrative of the workplace culture and help end burnout once and for all.

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