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Time Management is a Form of Self-Care

When it comes to self-care, we tend to think of vacationing, alone time, exercise, cooking, and getting a massage. Everyone has their own method when it comes to self-care. We don’t usually think of implementing self-care to improve our lives but we should definitely take action to include this. While pampering yourself is definitely an important part of self-care, there are other practical, everyday behaviors that can be embraced as a part of an essential self-care routine.

For example, time management is an act of self-care. I know it might sound a bit boring, however, learning to manage your time efficiently can have a positive effect in every area of your life.

Why Time Management Is an Important Role of Self-Care?

Time management and productivity goes hand in hand. It can help balance our to-do lists and meet the demands of our complex lives. Time management helps us improve our daily schedule, so we are managing each area of our lives the best we possibly can, whether it’s meetings, family, career, relationships, or long-term goals.

Being productive and the ability to better balance your life are not the only things related with time management. Time management helps support well-being even more than it helps support productivity. Time management helps people feel better about their lives because it helps them schedule their day-to-day around their family life outside of the workplace and gives them a feeling of self-accomplishment. Working from home for some individuals has become more common, this makes them feel less overwhelmed because they can balance their work life and family life.

Simple Time Management Self-Care Tips

Accepting the importance of time management and practicing it are two totally different things. While there is not one magical time management method that works for everyone, here are a few simple things you can begin to implement into your daily life.

  • Become aware of how you spend your time. There is 24 hours each day and it is up to us how we choose to spend those hours that will improve our well-being. Balance is the key and understanding how you spend your time each day can help you begin to manage each moment. Think of time as the most relevant resource you have to create the life you want to live, with the awareness that this time will run out. This can create a major shift in perception that can help you better realize how our precious time is valuable.

  • Block your time out each day and focus on one thing at a time. Allocate time for time for work, chores, for family, and time for yourself. Learn to take a break and give a specific amount of time to each thing that must get done. For example: 15 minutes to do the dishes, 45 minutes walk for yourself, 90 minutes to complete a work assignment, or simply a 10 minute break for yourself.

  • Do what’s best for you, rather than giving in to the needs and expectations of others. There are times when we are pulled in several different directions and we end up putting the needs of others first instead of taking time for ourselves. However, it is not saying that others are not important. We should definitely do important things for our families, friends, co-workers, etc. But it is okay to say “NO” sometimes. Begin by meeting your own needs and then it will become much easier to allow time for others.

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