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Simple Ways to Stay Focused

One thing we can all probably use is trying to stay focused. Sometimes staying focused can feel like a mundane one, it is easier said than done. What can you tell yourself to stay focused on a task? Improving how we focus is a measure of our brain health and mental well-being. Working or surrounded by a cozy environment helps to focus on your task and helps to think clearly.

Several techniques can help you zone in on the task in front of you. If you need help staying focused and being productive, try some of these tips.

Lacking Attention to Detail?

People can experience poor attention to detail or have trouble focusing sometimes. Some contributing factors maybe:

  • being hungry

  • tired or poor quality sleep

  • tension

  • feeling concerned

  • distractions by something in your environment

However, if you still are not capable of focusing and lack attention to detail or have difficulty staying engaged in tasks that require your full attention, it may be a symptom of another condition.

You may want to consult a healthcare professional to help you improve your focus.

Get Rid of Distractions

First thing first, you need to do is get rid of as many distractions possible. No amount of coffee or hours of sleep will help you stay focused if your environment constantly interrupting your attention.

Start with these simple things:

  • setting boundaries

  • turn off notifications on your cellphone

  • closing the door to your office/do not disturb sign

  • notify those around you need a period of time to focus on a task

  • closing out of programs that you are not working on

  • playing calming ambient music

  • organize the area where you will be working

Take Coffee in Small Doses

Do you find yourself drinking one cup of coffee after another to feel awake and alert? The key to taking advantage of caffeine’s is to consume it in moderation. If you drink too much of it, you may feel apprehensive, which may reduce your ability to stay focused. Consider trying something new like one of these delicious, nutritious and brain-boosting beverages:

  • Green tea Green tea is a powerful brain-boosting beverage you will want to drink regularly. The brain-boosting effects of green tea appear to be due to its l-theanine, caffeine, and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) content. L-theanine is an amino acid known to promote relaxation, yet when combined with caffeine,it may increase focus and improve memory.

  • Green smoothies can be a brain drink The brain-boosting properties of a green smoothie depend upon its ingredients. The most common ingredients of green smoothies are green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, celery and cucumber. Other ingredients to include are yogurt, protein powder, and almond milk.

Several studies suggest that the consumption of leafy green vegetables may help prevent impaired brain function. These and other ingredients make tasty green smoothies and may help with boost brain function!

Step Away

Staying focused helps you get more done in less time. However, sometimes you need to step away from your task in order to re-focus. A quick break can help reset your brain and give you a fresh perspective. Take a 10 minute break outside sitting or take a walk in nature. This can positively impact your mental well-being. The better you feel, the more focused you can be. If you have flexibility in your work schedule, a one hour walk in nature can help improve your focus even more.

Social Media Detox

If your idea of a break from work is checking Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok every 5 minutes, you may want to consider social media detox.

This means simply just a break. You define how long it is and what it includes. You can choose to announce it on social media or just simply step away.

Maybe your detox includes removing one of the apps or unfollow accounts that make you question your self-worth. Maybe you want to stay off all social media platforms for one month or just want to get down to the recommended 30 minutes a day.

Reasons why you need a social media detox:

  • Better sleep pattern

  • Improves your overall mood

  • Make time for loved ones

  • Clears your mental space

  • Self-care

  • Builds good digital habits

  • Become more positive

  • Enjoy the present

  • Gain more time to grow your business

  • Reconnect with the world

  • Less tension

  • Stops the comparison cycle

Fuel Your Body

We all know what happens when “hanger” strikes. This dreaded combination of hunger and anger is a major focus fail.

To keep your brain focused, energy levels up, and emotions calm, make sure you do not delay or skip meals.

It is important to eat the right kind of protein to obtain the healthy benefits. Snack on fresh fruit, veggies, nuts, or seeds if you get hungry between meals, and staying hydrated with plenty of water.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Majority of Americans lack in the sleep department. Recommended amount of sleep is at least eight hours. Getting a restful night means you will be better equipped to stay focused, function at work, be creative, and make decisions. Not getting enough sleep most nights of the week can negatively impact both your short and long-term memory, as well as your ability to concentrate.

If getting to bed on time or having difficulty sleeping through the night take CBD.

Set a SMART goal

If your lack of focus results from feeling overwhelmed by a complex project, try breaking it down into smaller parts and plugging the smaller steps into the SMART formula.

SMART stands for:

  • Specific - What exactly needs to be done?

  • Measurable - How will you track your progress?

  • Achievable -Is it realistic? Can it be done by the deadline?

  • Relevant - How does it fit with the overall plan or bigger goal?

  • Timely - When does it need to be done?

When you take a large, complex project and break it down into smaller tasks, you can improve your ability to concentrate and focus on specific tasks. This helps you end up with goals you feel like you can accomplish.

Whether you are dealing with too many competing priorities, lack of sleep and not being able to focus can really put a damper on your productivity.

That is why it is important to have a few simple tips to give your brain a focus boost, like the ones we described above. Knowing how to zone in on what needs to be done can help you stay on track with your most important daily tasks.

The most effective way to support healthy brain function is by staying on top of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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