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How to Talk to Yourself – Is this normal?

Talking to yourself is not just normal, it is good for your mental health, if you have the right conversations.

We all talk to ourselves for many reasons. It could be in an intersection turning left or looking for your keys on a chaotic morning, preparing for a meeting, a social event, or a presentation.

This does not make you weird or indicate that something is wrong. You might not do this in front of others, or you might have talked to yourself in your head.

This is ok… Self-talk is perfectly normal, in fact we have talk to ourselves constantly.

We talk to ourselves for many reasons, and this occurs when we experience an emotion, anger, nervousness, or excitement.

By talking to ourselves we become more cautious, and this creates a slower process to think, feel and act, instead of being bombarded by our thoughts.

Types of Self-Talk

Here are three types of self-talk:

1- Be kind to yourself: Positive words of encouragement can affect your performance. Negative self-talk serves us poorly and should be avoided.

If you are talking to yourself negatively then there will be a negative outcome. Positive self-talk statements are: “What do I need to do?” or “I can get this done.” Then the outcome is positive one.

2- Use self-talk to your advantage: Cheering yourself on before an important event or saying positive affirmations before you start your day.

Speaking out loud when you are looking for an item can help you find it quickly. You can also use self-talk through extreme emotions to help you through personal issues.

3- Do not forget to listen: It is important to note that talking to yourself is a two-part process “the talking and the listening”Self-listening, otherwise known as self-awareness, is a primary factor for self-assurance.

When you feel the need to speak out loud, listen to what you are saying to.

Self-talk should be thought of as a healthy way of giving ourselves the support we need to get through a moment. It is showing up for ourselves and being the friend we need.

Positive self-talk can help you improve your outlook on life. It can also have lasting positive health benefits, including improved well-being and a better quality of life.

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