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Find Your “Why” for Wellness

Want to reach certain goals? Start a business? Embark on a fitness journey? Be consistent on healthy eating. To reach these goals, you must first find your “why.”

Finding your “why” is an incredible step on the road to live a healthy living. No matter what we do in our lives, what is our purpose, what is our core values and beliefs, those will not change. When you stop and think what my purpose or motivation is then build your life around it whether it is a career, relationships, or your health and wellness goals. The answer to the question, "Why do you want to make these changes in your life?"

In fact, your “why” does not have to be something huge and important. Your reason “why” can be something simple, something you can do part-time or just as you move about your day.

Why Finding Your “Why” Matters for Wellness

We have everyday motivation like social media, YouTube, television, or the circle of friends we hang out with. However, it can feel like pressure, and we start working toward our health and wellness goals, but that will not last for long.

For example, the summer is coming up and you start working out at the gym, jogging, take yoga classes and cut back on food until you have met that fit body goal. However, after summer passes, so does the pressure and motivation to eat well and exercise.

Your “why” isn’t just about surface-level reasons it could be reasons about longevity and better mental health. The power of “why” can guide you through your wellness journey, even when motivation declines and obstacles arise:

Keeps You on Track When you are committed to your fitness and wellness goals, staying on track is simply easier. Inside your head you have your “why” that acts as a coach, reminding you of the bigger purpose and goals you have set yourself and continue to take on those challenges. Temporary Motivation Temporary motivation, is like a New Year's resolution, it will never happen. But your “why” will rise above momentary excitement because it taps into your purpose, beliefs, and vision for the future. This type of motivation lasts, even when the going gets tough. Builds Resilience in the Face of Setbacks Wellness journeys are almost never in line. There will be ups and downs and setbacks that could diminish your efforts if you allow them. Thankfully, when you have a “why," you also have a stronger sense of resilience and determination that helps you bounce back from setbacks and stay focused on your goals. Creates Lasting Habits Creating habits is not easy. But building new habits and breaking old ones requires consistency. When your habits are aligned with your “why," they become more than just a routine. They will become meaningful rituals that contribute to your overall well-being.

Questions to Ask to Uncover Your Wellness “Why”

Having a personal “why” clearly helps you stay on your journey to wellness. How do find what your “why” really is?

Finding your “why" is a process of reflection and self-discovery. Questions to ask yourself today and every day to help you uncover your motivation on your journey to wellness:

  • What will bring me joy?

  • What am I thankful for?

  • What will bring me calm?

  • What will inspire me?

  • What will bring me meaning?

  • Who do I want to connect with?

  • How can I show kindness to myself?

  • How will I move my body?

  • How will I nourish my body?

When you find your “why”, embrace it. Live it. Be it.

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