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Creativity Is A Process

How great it would be if we could turn on our creativity like water flows?

Unfortunately, our brains do not function that way. Creativity does not just happen. You are not born with a figurative light bulb on top of your head. A real cognitive process is involved in producing new ideas and transforming old ideas into something new.

It is called the creative process. This does not happen overnight. It needs to be cultivated.

We all have creative potential inside of us.

In this article, we’ll talk about the 6 stages of the creative process to open our minds and live more creatively.

6 Ways to Be Creative & Break Out of Creative Ruts

Need Inspiration, Look Outside Your Niche

Feeling stuck? Brain fog? Reach out to others for inspiration. Not just others in your profession or niche, but other communities, artists, designers, and industries. When you look within your own profession for inspiration, you will find ideas that have already been taken. It can be very easy to compare yourself to others and feel unmotivated than before. However, look into other niches to help you with ideas and new ways of thinking. There is always another resource to look into, you just need to find it. For example, if you want to be an entrepreneur, look into books who have become self-made millionaires. If you are a wellness coach, earn a degree in nutrition or complete a certification program. Spending time with a different subject matter can help you create unique ways to develop or communicate your craft.

Take A Bath or Shower

Ever wonder why some of your best ideas seem to come out of the blue, while you are in the shower? Creativity, while seemingly a very vague activity, is actually a distinct process triggered by a few key factors.

Science Explains Why Our Best Ideas Come in the Shower:

  • A lot of dopamine is released in our brains. Triggers like exercising, listening to music, and, yes, taking a warm shower, contribute to increased dopamine flow.

  • We are relaxed. When we have a relaxed state of mind, we are more likely to turn attention inwards, able to make insightful connections. We have seen before how being drunk and sleepy are great for creativity.

  • We are distracted. Distraction gives our brains a break so our subconscious can work on a problem more creatively.

Next time you are in a creative rut, go take a shower!

Take A Break

If you have been in a brain fog and not being able to summon creativity, take a step back. Trying to force things will not result in accomplished work results. What you can do to reset your creative spark is by taking a break. It may sound senseless but taking a break from your creative work might be exactly what you need to feel inspired again. It is human nature to daydream. Daydreams allow your mind to run freely and even increases productivity in some cases. Daydreaming enhances creativity which is why you have an ah-ha moment and sudden insight about a situation. Daydreaming allows you to uncover thoughts and ideas you did not realize you even had and looks underneath the surface thoughts. Your mind in a way becomes unhinged is allowed to roam freely.

Daydreaming is an essential cognitive tool to help us explore our inner experiences.

So, put down your pen or pencil and go do something else for 15 minutes. Take a walk through the park, bake a dessert, and meditate. Revisit the project you were stuck on later with a clear mind and a new perspective.

A Simple Ritual

Whether you believe in mythical muses or not, a simple ritual can put you in the right state of mind to feel inspired and create. A simple ritual can be lighting a candle and saying a mantra, listening to a favorite song, or wearing a certain color. Whatever ritual works for you, do it regularly to train your brain that it is time for a creative session.

Nip Burnout In The Bud

Burnout can kill creativity. Unfortunately, burnout is increasingly common in our fast-paced world, especially among those who need to be creative problem solvers at the workplace. Common signs of burnout is being overwhelmed and uninspired by the work or hobbies you used to love. Therefore, burnout reduces the mental energy you need to wake your creative spark. There are several to reverse a burnout and get out of your brain fog. Managing tension is step one. In addition, with incorporating tension management habits into your daily schedule, CBD tinctures may help. CBD may help to promote relaxation, tension relief, and elevate your mood so you can focus your energy on your creative quests.

Get A Good Night’s Rest

For your mind to function at full capacity your mind needs rest. When you are refreshed, your brain is better at coming up with new ideas, solutions, and finding inspiration in different locations. However, if you do not get enough sleep every night, trying to come up with your next great idea will be groggy.

Top priority is to have a sleep routine and allow yourself at least seven to nine hours of sleep. If you are struggling to fall asleep at night, consider a CBD product to help calm your brain into a restful state.

Keep fit and healthy. Our bodies need exercise and proper rest. This also goes for staying creative. Individuals need both mental stimulation and sufficient downtime to give our brains the energy and space to create.

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