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Afraid to Try CBD? Tips for CBD Beginners

As cannabis legislation across the world becomes more relaxed, people across the U.S. are finding themselves having access to an increasingly enormous range of cannabis derived products. If you have been hearing a lot about CBD products and are curious about learning more, or been afraid to try it, you have come to the right place.

Here is an overview of which CBD products are the best to try as a beginner, how to use them, and what questions to ask when you are shopping online or in the store.

People Who Are Afraid to Try CBD

If you are afraid to try CBD products, do not worry, it’s normal to be hesitant about trying something new, and it’s always a good idea to do some research ahead of time. We are here to help you understand what CBD is so that you can feel more comfortable about trying it to see how it may work for you.

CBD Concerns

The research conducted so far on CBD oil shows that it is safe, and non-addictive, but it could interfere with certain medications.

Please check with your doctor before taking CBD if you have any current health concerns, or if you are taking any medication.

There Are Many Different Forms of CBD

What works well for one person may not work for the next and that is okay.

There is a variety of CBD products, and each will affect the user in a different way. Some are quick fast-action and some last longer than others.

Categories for CBD products:

  • CBD Capsules

  • CBD Oil Tinctures

  • CBD Gummies

  • CBD Topicals/Salves

  • CBD Bathbombs

We recommend that CBD beginners start with CBD gummies if they are not sure of the type of effect that they want. These have a lower potency, delicious, and easy to take. They also do not work as fast as some other types of CBD products such as tinctures.

Only as Long-Lasting as You Want Them to Be

If you are taking a few milligrams of CBD, the effects will be quite subtle and should only last for a few hours.

How a CBD product will affect you depends on factors like:

  • Type of product you purchase

  • Serving of CBD

  • The way it is ingested

  • Purity of the product

CBD Will Not Get You “High”

Hemp plant is not the same as cannabis (marijuana). This is because the CBD oil that is derived from the hemp plant contains LESS than 0.3% THC.

If a hemp plant has levels of THC ABOVE 0.3%, it is considered cannabis (marijuana) and therefore it needs to be regulated.

It is very important to research the company where you will purchase your CBD products.

How to Shop for CBD Oil

If you are afraid to try CBD Oil, the truth is that with some research or asking questions to a CBD consultant, you do not need to worry.

First, you need to ask the correct questions, such as:

  • Is the CBD oil tested by a third-party lab?

  • Do you have a Certificate of Analysis (COA) report that you offer to prove the ingredients of the product?

  • Is the product a broad-spectrum hemp oil?

  • Is this product made from hemp plant?

  • Do you offer return policies for your products?

  • Can you guarantee that the product is as it says on the label?

How to Take CBD Products

There are many different ways to take CBD products, which is useful because it means that you have a vast selection. But if you are ingesting it, always start with a few milligrams or as directed on the package.

It may take some experimenting to figure out which CBD product works best for you. It can be taken anytime and also depends on what the individual is using it for. Depending on the dosage, you can also take CBD oil multiple times a day. However, remember to start slow and build up from there as needed.

Which CBD Products Are Best for Beginners?

Consumers who are hesitant to try CBD products may worry about:

  • Does it contain toxins?

  • Are you receiving what’s on the label?

  • Can we trust the company we are purchasing this product from?

  • Is it going to work?

Learning more about the best CBD products and narrow down the types that fits your needs.

Tips to Keep in Mind When You Shop for CBD Products

If you are afraid to try CBD, or you really want to try it, but you are hesitant, here’s some information to help you put your mind at ease.

  • Research is ongoing and it is safe, non-addictive, and effective.

  • It’s always a good idea to stay updated on new research, as well as any potential legal issues.

Know the Laws

Recreational marijuana is now legal in many U.S. states, however the Federal law on marijuana remains unchanged. Marijuana is categorized as a controlled substance under Schedule I of the Controlled Substance Act. CBD products are legal in some states, and you must be aware of some legal “grey areas”. In addition, research before carrying these products across state lines.

Contact Us!

At Simple Pleasures, we only offer premium-grade CBD products that are third-party tested and THC-FREE.

We want nothing more than for you to enjoy the entire experience and secure about your purchase. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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