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5 Great Ways to Use CBD Oil

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Your mom’s doing it. Grandma’s doing it. Even the dog is doing it. And there's a good reason -- CBD is an easy-to-use supplement with many great health benefits! While there are a number of ways to experience CBD’s positive effects, CBD oil remains one of the most popular because it’s fast, clean, and effective. To get you started, here are five tips on how to use CBD oil. #1 - Keep It Simple One of the best (and simplest) ways to make CBD part of your daily routine is to ingest it directly through the mouth. But, there’s a trick.

Rather than just putting a few drops on the tongue, try placing them underneath and holding them there for a few seconds. This is called sublingual administration -- just fancy talk for “under the tongue.”

Sublinguals increase the bioavailability of CBD because the tissues in the mouth are more permeable, so the longer you wait before swallowing, the more CBD you’ll ingest. #2 - Get Creative In The Kitchen Does Master Chef’s Gordon Ramsey use CBD? Yes, Chef? No, Chef? We really don’t know, chef. (He could probably use the literal ‘chill pill’ though). What we do know is that he’d be more than proud of the delicious CBD-infused dishes you could be cooking up. Let’s face it, CBD oil on it’s own doesn’t always taste great, but it’s easy to add it to smoothies, soups, sauces, and baked goods to make your doses a little more delicious. Here are a few great CBD Recipes to try! With a little creativity, you can add CBD to just about any recipe, just remember to:

  • Avoid direct heat: Heat lowers the effectiveness of your oil, so make sure to add it after a dish is plated

  • Mix n’ match: CBD is fat-soluble, so adding it to your favorite cooking oil will help your body absorb it (and make it a little more delicious)

  • Go low n’ slow: When baking with CBD oil, make sure you keep the oven temp below 350 to avoid decreasing the oil’s potency

And make sure you're using a high-quality product, like our Organic CBD Oil Tincture, for the best test and effects. #3 - Share It With Your Best Friend (the four-legged one) This is important. THC is toxic for animals. They should never ingest any product with even trace levels of THC. Thankfully, hemp-derived CBD products don’t contain THC. While studies are still on-going, many people have turned to CBD as a natural way to help their furry friends in need of wellness support. A few drops of CBD oil in their food or on a treat can help your pets feel better and stay healthy naturally. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian for dosage recommendations. #4 - Fancy A Drink? There’s nothing wrong with a drink or two to mellow out after a long day, right? Well that’s certainly the case when you’re mixing up a delicious non-alcoholic mocktail with a touch of CBD oil! Get all of the relaxation without the hangover -- It’s really that simple. CBD seltzers and other drinks have become a popular option at bars and backyard parties alike, but it only takes a few drops of CBD oil to turn any beverage into a CBD-infused drink. It can be added to your favorite tea, spritzer, or any beverage of your choice. #5 - Mellow Out Your Morning Brew You might be thinking: “Coffee perks me up, and CBD mellows me out. Why would I take both?” Well, it turns out that these two compounds, caffeine and CBD, play quite well together when they’re consumed at the same time. If you’ve ever had a cup too many, you know that coffee jitters are no joke. CBD might help you counteract those negative effects because it calms your adenosine A2A receptors [Source]. For its part, coffee may also increase the bioavailability of your CBD. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also add a spoonful of healthy fat to your mug to make a morning powerhouse that will keep you moving through the day. Whatever method you choose, remember to be creative! Infusing CDB into your lifestyle is a great way to get on the path to a healthier, calmer you, no matter how you choose to do it!

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